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The next level of customer acquisition – We help consumer goods (FMCG) companies ADVERTISE their products, distribute SAMPLES, and execute market RESEARCH all at the same time.

42Lab icon

42Lab is a biotech educator, biotech equipment and kits manufacturer by inventing affordable & portable smart biotech equipment & kits with a teaching assistant app for K-12 schools and kids to reduce the barriers in learning biotech & STEM in Asia.

A Portable Device for Digital Antibody Neutralization Screening icon
A Portable Device for Digital Antibody Neutralization Screening

A portable device for digital screening of antibody neutralization using pseudoviruses that measures how many viruses are still infectious upon antibody neutralization by counting the fluorescence droplet number. This can thus give a digital estimation for the neutralization effect. We propose to develop a portable machine and apply it to population screening of the antibody neutralization.

Academy 22 icon
Academy 22

Academy 22 Foundation Education for All Limited is a not-for-profit organization. Our motto is “Happy School & Effective Learning”. To achieve this motto, A22 Foundation provides effective programs that can excite children (especially the underprivileged ones) in the learning of 21st Century skills and beyond.

Accusision icon

We aim at bringing values to the supply chain industry and logistics industry by providing accuracy and precision in predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA) of container vessel through integrating open source data in our own built model for analytics and machine learning.

Aco-Studio icon

Aco Studio Limited is a social enterprise that envisions a future where children in need can enjoy learning and realise their potential. Our project, Card Adventure is a language learning platform using Augmented Reality (AR) backed by the Big Data Analysis that is designed for children with Special Education Needs (SEN).

AI Academy icon
AI Academy

AI Academy provides ground-breaking innovations and personalized solutions to enhance Education, E-commerce and Finance.

AI Smart Medication System for Chronic Diseases icon
AI Smart Medication System for Chronic Diseases

AI Smart Medication System for Chronic Diseases is a cloud-based AI solution to enhance precision medicine, target market is the medical market, especially hospitals and medical government agencies, we solve the dispersion of medical data, achieve a high level of analytical accuracy while preserving the highest standard of data privacy.

AirTech IAQ Limited icon
AirTech IAQ Limited

AirTech IAQ Limited provides intelligent air quality management (including automatic disinfection) solutions and one-stop disinfection services for large events and institutions with customized exclusive solutions to meet customers’ needs.

All-in-one icon

ALL-IN-ONE is a series of modules that convert any FDM printer into processing equipment capable of printing composite materials, CNC milling machines with tool magazines, or laser cutters. In addition, It is also equipped with easy-to-use post-processing software and a tutorial App so that anyone can enjoy creating.

All-in-one icon
Amplify Research

Amplify Research offers a data platform that enhances decision-making through the extensive use of data cloud technology. Our custom-built data pipelines and AI models offer a superior experience in areas like screening, due diligence, and resource management, by effectively utilizing the full potential of data.

AntzKnow icon

AntzKnow is a crowd wisdom prediction platform that enables individuals to have fun with friends in forecasting future events, generates valuable insights from user inputs, and provides the data and analysis for institutional clients.

archiparti icon

archiparti is an interior design project management service. We aim to accelerate interior design projects through the system, tools and global network we developed. We are alumni of Swire Properties’ Blueprint program and Appworks. You might have seen us before in Ming Pao Weekly, Apple daily, HuffPost, Hong Kong Economic Times and many more.

archiREEF icon

archiREEF is a one-stop solution provider that works with governments and corporations to rehabilitate and restore corals.

Arrakis Green FinTech icon
Arrakis Green FinTech

Dedicated to applying textual analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning techniques to systematically generate alternative data sources such as environmental, social, and governance signals in financial markets in Greater China region and analyze them with backing test system to create abnormal returns. We provide our data services to both financial institutions including institutional investors and retailor investors and academic research institutions.

Articue icon

Articue is an AI content generator and writing assistant specializing in copywriting in Chinese and Cantonese. We help freelance copywriters, small business owners, and professional content creators produce copywriting and advertisement content faster and better. We offer tools to check the readability of your content and suggest SEO keywords in real-time. We also offer AI content generation, which speeds up the workflow of writing copies.

Artistic-Sunlight icon

ArtiSunlight builds artificial landscape lighting solutions for buildings without an open landscape. The two products that we are going to develop are artificial landscape windows and dropped ceilings.

Bamboo icon

Bamboo is the capital network 3.0 for a better connected Asian startup ecosystem. We help investors discover investment opportunities early using crowdsourced intelligence and data-driven insights.

Banana-Portal icon

Banana Portal is a facilitator and community for Slash Youths and Freelancers. Equipped with free, comprehensive technological solutions, it aims to attain transparency, security, dispute-free transactions, and disintermediation. It focuses on fostering self-actualization for Slash Youths by allowing more exposure, real-life experiences, nurture and career guidance with innovative technology aid.

Biobased Plastics for A Sustainable Future icon
Biobased Plastics for A Sustainable Future

“Biobased Plastics for A Sustainable Future” aims to facilitate the transition to a circular economy by transforming sustainable bio-based polymers into high-performance yet fully degradable materials. Our products benefit a wide range of applications, including pharmaceutical devices, single-use plastic bags, edible films, food containers, coating materials, and adhesives.

Biobased Plastics for A Sustainable Future icon

Algal bloom is a deteriorating global problem. Society considers it as harmful waste, but our team sees microalgae as an opportunity to be converted into useful products. We produce natural pigments from microalgae and aim to replace the toxic and synthetic colorants in our daily products.

BioX icon

BioX is a biotech educator and equipment manufacturer that innovates smart biomedical laboratories, research, and the industry by providing affordable and automated biotech equipment through cutting-edge AI and robotic technologies. With a commitment to affordability and accessibility, BioX strives to make these advancements available to a wider range of individuals and organizations, leading to breakthrough discoveries and advancements in the field.

BioX icon

Blossom is an EdTech startup aiming to provide a comprehensive learning experience for students worldwide at fingertips. We hope students know and like what they are learning and we want to help them pave the way where they can truly blossom. We are kickstarting the project by providing a wide range of online learning resources for IBDP students around the world.

Blue Plate icon
Blue Plate

Blue Plate is a student led platform which intends to solve student issues of unhealthy eating by providing personalized healthy meal plans. We intend to provide recipes using the same ingredients throughout the week, minimize waste and save time! We intend to create a close-knit student community consisting of students who face similar issues!

Bookit icon

Bookit partners with schools to prepare a school-based digital booklist and pair up students from the same school who want to sell or buy used textbooks according to their selections and preferences. The platform is non-profit in nature and there are no service charges on the users.

Bride Union icon
Bride Union

Bride Union is a smart wedding planner with AI image data and AR technology & AR face filter to help couples plan their wedding journey an easy and fun way.

CantoGather icon

With a heart to love our neighbours as ourselves, CantoGather bridges both Chinese and non-Chinese communities of Hong Kong together through language and multicultural education. We empower our non-Chinese neighbours to be the next pillars of our society by disintegrating existing barriers for learning Chinese and understanding different cultures via our programs. With Communication comes Unity — forming a true CommUnity.

Carbon Technology icon
Carbon Technology

Carbon Technologies aim to develop sustainable technologies and fabricate green materials for various industrial applications. Our team with the integrated platform could bridge companies with the leading edge of green technologies by providing customized solutions and products to meet their rising demands for carbon neutralization and environmental engineering.

CeleBright icon

CeleBright is a platform enabling individual customers to book personalised video greetings from celebrities to brighten up the day of themselves or their loved ones.


Chartipedia develops a data visualization platform that brings together creators, readers and educators.

ChestnutAI icon

Chemmino dedicates to develop and utilize a range of novel illuminating materials for biomarkers and sensor applications, to design, develop, and manufacture miniature yet affordable diagnostic devices, for novel point-of-care and even consumer level biomedical analyses

ChestnutAI icon

ChestnutAI provides recommendation-as-a-service. User our platform to build an accurate, interpretable, and tunable recommendation engine to deploy on your platform with a simple API call.

Chicxpeare icon

Chicxpeare is an influencer-service company that empowers Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to launch their own merchandise brand. We pledge to provide quality services that enable clients to further pursue their dreams.

Classmeta icon

Classmeta is an online learning platform that links university students together, exploring a brand new form of creator economy and allowing students to monetize their knowledge. Classmeta changes how university students connect and learn from each other.

Clearbot icon

Founded in 2019 by two HKU graduates to pioneer technology that can clear up ocean trash autonomously. The company has created Clearbot, a self-driving electric boat that sustainably detects and collects floating ocean trash and has expanded its use cases from collection of trash to use in data collection and foam breakage.

Clearbot icon
Climate Kick

Climate Kick connects green investors with infrastructure developers to make the sustainability transition a reality.

Cloudonme icon

Cloudonme, was founded in 2016 and is based at the Cyberport, the website serves as the platform to match up SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) and freelancers. By becoming a partner, SME will have the flexibility to choose their preferred platform, time frame, and language. They will be then matched with freelancers who registered to be accountants based on the SMEs needs.

ComboKid icon

ComboKid is a HealthTech start-up with the goal of enabling timely and equitable care for child developmental health. Through developing machine learning technology, we provide accessible health screening and customised intervention products for parents and caregivers.

Creato icon

Empowers 6M+ content creators to turn creativities into sustainable professions. It uses technology and design to allow viewers to directly vote for content creation, enabling micro-net celebrities to charge viewers a reasonable fee for content creation. Creato also uses AI to help creators understand the direction of future creative content inspiration and master data, so that they can more effectively understand market needs.

Day Day Live icon
Day Day Live

Day Day Live provides a comprehensive platform that utilises idle resources in society to connect performers, venues and audiences. We help to match performers with venues, and encourage reservations through our platform to watch the shows. The live events directory on our platform allows audiences to keep track of the latest performances.

Datax icon

Datax is an integrated platform providing comprehensive data collection and data processing solutions to marketing research industry and AI/ML companies.

DDD Material Supply Limited icon
DDD Material Supply Limited

DDD Material Supply Limited is a one-stop e-commerce shop for the architecture industry to ideate. Our vision is to empower student, designer and crafter to realise their perfect design. We provide architectural model material, laser cut, printing and delivery services. Our team comes from a design background with 10+ years of design experiences.

Deploifai icon

Deploifai is a no-code infrastructure as a solution for machine learning. We believe that deploying machine learning services should be very quick and easy to do, and manage. We aim to become the only MLOps service you will ever need, to manage all your machine learning projects.

Develop-of-AR-e-learning-platform-to-enhance-allied-health-care icon

The platform helps medical and allied health learners learning by doing; to observe, collaborate and practice in their own time.

Dex icon

DEX’s secured one-click sign-in solution puts users’ digital identities back in their own hands by providing altered personal data to companies only. Users no longer have to worry about data leakage, cross-platform profiling while enjoying the digital world to the fullest.

DM GO icon

Our product is developed using the biggest T2DM cohort data in Asia and the most advanced AI techniques, can achieve the disease condition monitoring, risk profile monitoring, urgent event remind, drug usage recommendation, drug safety evaluation, and lifestyle recommendation. Also provides link between patients and doctors, and provide structural evidence for clinician’s decision making. It has potential to achieve much better health condition and reduce health burden of individuals and the society.

Dropcorder icon

A platform offers continuous monitoring of biomarkers for disease diagnostics for earlier surgical interventions and treatments. Dropcorder is being built as a platform technology based on droplet-based microfluidics that uses tiny amount of body fluids and provide high frequency measurements in an automated way. Our vision is to develop dropcorder as a leading continuous monitoring healthcare platform for drug development, and clinical and environmental monitoring applications.

EC Innovation Limited icon
EC Innovation Limited

Aims to solve environmental problems through innovative electrocatalytic technology. Our target applications include removal and conversion of inorganic nitrogen in water, recycling and upgrading of waste plastics, and synergistic upcycling of carbon containing wastes and nitrogen containing toxins into value-added C-N containing commodity.

eCup icon

eCup is an app that help user to save time by ordering the beverage while you are on your way to office or near the end of a meeting. eCup is not only an App, but also a symbolic of a Smart Life Style.

e-Home icon

e-Home provides integrated ageing-in-place solutions for elderly families, which enable our elderly residents to live safely, independently and comfortably at home.

Elephant Please icon
Elephant Please

Elephant Please provides a responsive online platform for its users to enjoy a diverse range of items while saving money, growing with the community and reducing waste. With a vision to alleviate and bring awareness to excessive purchasing, overspending and their effect on climate change, and mission to empower citizens of Hong Kong to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Eltisley icon

Eltisley believes technology is at its best when it is invisible—because life already has enough distractions. We are developing technology enabled solutions for the health and wellness sector that are completely effortless, starting with a non-invasive device for detecting and monitoring obstructive sleep apnoea.

Enrolla icon

An online leisure class marketplace Enrolla enables users to enroll classes and search related information conveniently through a centralized platform, with creative approach to connect classes and users.

Enthusiasm icon

Enthusiasm HK aims to be a ‘hobby paradise’ by offering users with both online and face-to-face opportunities to meet like-minded people. We build a platform for hobby lovers to form a strong community with people having the same hobby and to provide a fast-track for new hobby learners to enter the social circle of the hobby.

Farmacy HK icon
Farmacy HK

Farmacy HK builds smart indoor mobile farms for supermarkets, restaurants, schools and households to farm ultra-fresh, safe and affordable crops on-site with 100% transparent and fully automated hydroponic and aeroponic technologies.

Fibrogel icon

Over the years, we focus on personalized dressings to reduce pain and injury. That’s why we created Fibrogel: a medical products company focused on personalized wound care. We sell first aid supplies, hydrogel dressings designed on demand to accelerate your wound healing (external wounds, burn wounds, stoma care etc.).

Filture icon

Filture is a Marketplace for Custom-made Furniture, Built-in, Kitchen Cabinets and other related services.

FinMonster icon

FinMonster is a Corporate Banking focused marketplace to help Corporates find and compare the best banking solutions for their business need.

Flowsophic icon

FlowClass is a search engine for education centres for students to connect directly with tutors. Users can easily choose according to locations, subjects, teaching styles, and many other attributes. We disrupt the entire tutor middleman services market by offering totally free matching services for both sides.

Foundation BioTech (FBT) icon
Foundation BioTech (FBT)

A Hong Kong Biotechnology company dedicated to the research and development of next-gen biotechnology solutions. FBT focuses on the R&D of Chinese Medicine related Biotechnological Development with patent protections. In the future, FBT will redefine the overall strategic direction of personalized treatment and the Chinese medicine cosmeceuticals industry to fully respond to the unmet market demand.

Freehunter icon

Freehunter is a social networking site for creative talents where they can make instant connections, find work partners and get clients, all in one place.

Friday icon

Friday is a learning platform aimed to provide classes designed by local artists. Users can browse through online classes and subscribe to learning kits designed and assorted by artists. We bring the local creative community closer to the public by sharing their stories and experiences.

Fundergo icon

Fundergo is an online fund matching platform providing automation to speed up communication, information verification process and risk assessment. It also allows borrowers and non-bank funders to search for their right match in terms of risk level, pricing and tenor.

FundFluent icon

FundFluent is on a mission to give businesses the ability to unify data and insights to accelerate growth – we make it easy, intuitive, and attractive for data to flow between businesses, ultimately powering SME-friendly solutions, democratizing access to funding, and removing barriers to growth.

Fylp icon

Fylp is a free Mobile App to find your ideal language exchange partner and practice with them using smart technology.

GamesBond icon

GamesBond is a next-gen social platform that connects all people in and out of the metaverse through community / interest-based gaming and social entertainment activities. Our vision is to fuse virtual and real-world communities into one united social network, where people’s friendship can transcend the barriers between the two worlds.

Gene to Health Plus icon
Gene to Health Plus

Gene to Health Plus provides an intelligent phenotypic prediction platform with multiple applications. We transfer cutting-edge advancements in Polygenic Scoring technologies to useful products for different end users, by combining information from large genomic studies to build precise predictive models for hundreds of phenotypes. Our business applies to three major areas: human healthcare (G2H), pet genetics (G2H+Pet) and agricultural breeding (Genomics-for-Breeding, G4B).

Gense Technologies icon
Gense Technologies

Gense is developing real-time sign language to voice translator wristbands and smartwatches. Simply by putting on two wristbands, users could speak in sign languages as normal and communicate with anyone through a wearable speaker.

GeogSTEM icon

GeogSTEM is a company to serve the community. We promote the paradigm shift in STEM education from computer science-driven to more down-to-the-earth environmental/climate education, and our business also offer commercialized IoT solutions to tackle with the emerging social environmental challenges.

GiftBa icon

With the vision to be the top-of-mind Gift Hub for everyone everywhere, GiftBa provides an all in one gift community and turns the gifting burden into a blessing through the use of centralized wish list, AI gift consultant, gift marketplace and donation community.

Glide icon

Glide is a data-driven tool for Free Independent Travellers (FITs) to maximise efficiency in travel planning.

Gööp icon

Gööp is a tech-focused social company for GenZ audiences, with its flagship product Gööp operating in Hong Kong and Indonesia campuses.

Green Ashes icon
Green Ashes

Green Ashes Technology Limited invents new generation activated carbon production method, we empower green and high-quality production by using recycled materials.

GrinBean Technology Limited icon
GrinBean Technology Limited

GrinBean Technology Limited is solving the city’s recycling bottlenecks with computer vision-powered recycling machines to encourage recycling and minimize contamination to close the loop and generate clean streams of recyclables from post-business and post-consumer disposals for recovery. GrinBean is formed by a team of engineering and science graduates from the University of Hong Kong that focuses on developing green technologies.

Groupsub icon

Groupsub is more-than-an-e-commerce company, which offers an end-to-end subscription solution, which empowers customers to automate their consumption needs, from grocery replenishment to services group-buy.

Gumbolo icon

Gumbolo is the first instant booking platform for professional pet services in Hong Kong, with the mission to bring convenience and ease to pet owners and pet service providers by providing a leap-to-the-eye scheduling, instant booking and health records system – and contributes to the higher accessibility and availability of information across the industry.

HACTIS Limited icon
HACTIS Limited

HACTIS Limited is a technology start‐up whose vision is to provide the best bespoke virtual reality (VR) solutions to create a community of VR users to deploy VR effectively to excel in their business and profession. The company provides innovative and cost-effective VR systems and interactive 3D content designed by the founders of the company who are experts in the field and have a solid track record in creating working immersive VR systems for both education and industrial sectors.

Harmless icon

Specializes in wholesale and retail of sustainable products. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable solution to clients

Hay Koze icon
Hay Koze

Hay Koze is a safety helmet enhanced with a cool “air curtain” that takes heat away and acts as an air mask. It is a smart, all-in-one integration that provides convenient cooling and comfortable viral protection to workers, eliminating clutter and frustration, heat stress, and sweaty-mask suffocation.

Heart and Soul icon
Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul is a social enterprise to promote mental health with meditation and body-mind-spirit knowledge from India Vedic culture in the society and help everyone to cultivate inner happiness and explore their potential through our services.

Heart and Soul icon
Hearing Care 4 All

Hearing Care 4 All is a holistic platform designed to revolutionize hearing care in China. With a vast yet underserved market, our mission is to create a comprehensive, life-cycle hearing care solution—from initial consultation, through online hearing assessment and personalized hearing aid fitting suggestions, to speech therapy and long-term care. Our objective is not only to standardize but also uplift the audiology industry in China. Rather than compete, we aim to collaborate with manufacturers and hearing centers, facilitating connections between patients, caregivers, and hearing professionals to ensure high-quality, accessible care for all.

Heightened Senses icon
Heightened Senses

Heightened Senses is a HKSEC backed social enterprise with the mission to create a sustainable means of employment for the visually impaired of Hong Kong as acupressure massage-therapists and a physically and mentally healthier corporate work force through proliferation of acupressure massages in the workplace.

HeyDr icon

HeyDr is the next-generation digital health app for young white collar’s families in APAC.

High-Efficient Genome Editing Technologies icon
High-Efficient Genome Editing Technologies

Provides the genome edited cell and animal model which are generated in Hong Kong to academic research and clinical therapy. AI-electroporation and ES cell injection technologies are used in the creation of genome edited products. We not only significantly reduce the delivery time of our genome editing products, but also save the cost of genome editing products.

Hollo Health Limited icon
Hollo Health Limited

Hollo Health Limited is a research-based artifical intelligence offering digital therapeutic service to patients with chronical disease(s). It aims to use behavioural and health data to train the artificial intelliegnce to offer quality, personalised and short-term mental health recovering service to patients for the sake of reducing the frequency of clinic visit so as to cut the medical cost. This product is planned to get approval of FDA and clinical studies via University Research Partners.

Hong Kong Crypto Consultants icon
Hong Kong Crypto Consultants

Hong Kong Crypto Consultants is the best-in-class blockchain advisory platform that provides a one-stop solution that includes whitepaper design, technical implementation, and ICO / STO advisory services. Our mission is to help our clients build a platform that delivers a distinct and lasting impact.

HyperAir icon

HyperAir is an AI-driven travel marketplace aiming to give people a smarter way to travel anywhere.

Hyperturbedd icon

Hyperturbedd provide a cutting edge AI solution for drug discovery. Our core technologies base on research outcomes of Prof. Xuegong Zhang’s lab from Tsinghua University and A/Prof. Joshua Ho’s lab from The University of Hong Kong.

InMagin Studio icon
InMagin Studio

InMagin Studio aims to be the go-to partner for small businesses and start-ups. With the exceptional insight in social media marketing and video production capability, we helped our client to reach exceptional growth and provide tactical advice to boost up their social game.

InnoDetection Limited icon
InnoDetection Limited

InnoDetection Limited focuses on developing novel point-of-care tests for the veterinary, livestock, and food industries. Our first product will be designed for detecting ASF virus to help China’s gigantic swine industry. This platform minimizes the spread of infectious diseases by providing a sensitive, economical, and fast DNA-Based Biosensor (DBS) technology.

InnoTech Association icon
InnoTech Association

InnoTech Association is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the use of technology for helping the disadvantaged and disabled.

IntuVision Limited icon
IntuVision Limited

A construction innovation company dedicated to improving the communication efficiency between construction parties. VisionBuilder fosters a seamless communication experience between site and office anytime and anywhere. Leveraging AI, VisionBuilder can automatically project Building Information Models onto the site without requiring any manual inputs. This empowers contractors, consultants and project owners with the ability to remotely and effectively collaborate on projects and hence increase construction productivity.

Invisible Tech icon
Invisible Tech

Invisible Tech is a tech startup initiated by a group of HKU postgraduates, specializing in R&D, Production and Distribution of Acoustics Speaker-embedded products. We customize products to address the increasing demand for smart living, esports gaming, home entertainment and commercial application for tech-savvy consumers.

IsoFoodTrace Limited icon
IsoFoodTrace Limited

IsoFoodTrace Limited uses stable isotope analysis to address the problem of food fraud by verifying food labels, tracking food origin, and adding value to products. Stable isotope analysis measures the natural weight variations that exist in atoms of all biological materials, and act as identifying fingerprints. We aim to broaden the application of stable isotope analysis into the food testing and construct an authentic food market to consumers when they can buy food with confidence.

iSpeech icon

iSpeech is an AI-powered language learning consultant aims to unleash learning potential for kids.

Jupitrr icon

Jupitrr is an AI business matching app that curates 1:1 business connections – partnerships, job matching, mentorship, and many more.

Kanaya icon

Kanaya is a cloud-based, data driven & modular hydroponic technology development company. We are the biggest hydroponic salad production unit in Hong Kong. We also provide ESG solution, community project consultant and design & build different size of hydroponic factories.

KIN icon

Our vision is to make personal healthcare highly efficient and effective that our users can focus their valuable time on matters that are important. We design and develop our products with extremely high consideration and specification, to ensure we provide the best solution and user experience possible.

Kodifly icon

Kodifly is a start-up that specializes in 3D perception and analytics technology, with an initial focus on the transportation industry. Our cutting-edge technology enables real-time monitoring and analysis of vehicles and infrastructure, delivering valuable insights for transportation companies and government agencies.

Lectcha icon

Lectcha is a microbial fermentation company that combines traditional wisdom with modern science. Through the fermentation of traditional Chinese herbal medicine(TCM), we transform the inconveniences of TCM into easy-to-use solutions that fit best with the modern lifestyle.

LegalClarus icon

LegalClarus is the first Chinese legal marketplace in Hong Kong for matching legal needs. It serves to help you find the right lawyer.

LinkedMarts icon

A peer to peer community-based shopping platform where everyone can be an influencer and make use of every connection for potential revenue

Little Stories icon
Little Stories

Little Stories is a photography and education brand. It’s developing an innovative learning experience for learners, learners can acquire the skills in taking photographs and learn creative writing through the upcoming programme.

Living Probiotics Biofilm Contact Lenses Coating for Drug-resistant Bacterial Keratitis Therapy icon
Living Probiotics Biofilm Contact Lenses Coating for Drug-resistant Bacterial Keratitis Therapy

Probiotics are made of good live bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in your body. Due to bioactivity of probiotics, combined with biomaterials engineered bioactive bacterial biofilms can be used for 3D tissue scaffolds, implant coating, and wound dressing to endow them with multiple biological functions. We believe that our project “Living Probiotics Biofilm Contact Lenses Coating for Drug-resistant Bacterial Keratitis Therapy” will broaden probiotics are not only to treat with intestinal diseases but also have promising applications in biomedical field, even tissue engineering. Let engineered probiotics as the safeguard of your health.

Lunar Rover icon
Lunar Rover

Lunar Rover is a technology company that focuses on developing software solutions for aviation industry.

Manifold Tech icon
Manifold Tech

Manifold Tech is a high-technology 3D photogrammetry and robotics company. With self-developed state of art real-time 3D mapping algorithms and advanced robotics technology, we are providing fast and accurate 3D reconstruction products and services for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) companies and ESG projects.

Marketeer icon

Marketeer is Hong Kong’s first data-driven food Visual Recognition mobile app dedicated to helping people learn about their food in real-time, enjoy healthier choices and cheaper prices while shopping in public markets.


MEDEASY.HK is an innovative, comprehensive and specific medical services platform providing job posting, job matching, medical educational information,etc.The company was co-founded by medical experts. We know, in medical firm, how difficult employer and employee found each other. MEDEASY.HK is the solution.

MediConCen icon

Together we will build the first blockchain insurance medical network in the world. Our blockchain will instil trust to even the smallest bonesetters, mobilizing medical experts all over the world to serve the insured population without the middleman.

MediConCen icon

MedInnovate, a dynamic drug technology venture at the forefront of anti-tumor research. With a diverse team spanning molecular biology, tumorigenesis mechanism research, drug development, and clinical expertise, we are committed to revolutionizing cancer treatment. Our comprehensive services encompass screening small molecule drug targets, researching novel anti-tumor molecules, developing peptide drugs, and optimizing existing therapies. Join us as we forge ahead in the fight against cancer, transforming lives with innovation and dedication.

Meta Fitness icon
Meta Fitness

Meta Fitness is to make the individualized professional AI-driven training guidance accessible at a lower cost anywhere and anytime. We offer accurate and interactive visualizations for demonstrations and real-time feedback. Together with the metaverse, we can revolutionize the way people train and exercise and raise engagement to unprecedented heights.

MetaC icon

MetaC is a metaverse solution provider helping mid-large sized organizations to enter the game of metaverse. Current focus is to help clients release NFT projects to engage their community and improve brand awareness.

MetaC icon
Metasurgical Technology Limited

Metasurgical Technology Limited provides a radiation-free, non-contact orthopaedic implant positioning system (OI-GPS technology) in conjunction with artificial intelligence algorithms to assist surgeons in improving the safety and effectiveness of scoliosis surgery.

MetaVisions icon

MetaVisions’ mission is to realize human potentials through VR- and AI- powered wellness and meditation solution. Real results are delivered by combining mind and body mastery with goal management.

MicroDiagnostics icon

MicroDiagnostics develops point-of-care diagnostics solutions that make healthcare better and more accessible. Our automated capillary microfluidic-based platform is an enabling technology that allows rapid and portable detection of various high-impact and mortality diseases, such as sepsis, malaria, and COVID-19, which is designed and fabricated using state-of-the-art molecular biology and microfluidic technologies. We envision the device to reach clinics, hospitals, homes, and assisted living healthcare facilities, allowing earlier disease detection, monitoring, and saving precious lives of patients in need.

MicroDiagnostics icon
MiExpert Limited

MiExpert leverages data analytics and AI to provide customized solutions for a stress-free journey. MiExpert offers comprehensive information and tools to streamline the immigration process and empower our users to achieve their goals.

MicroDiagnostics icon
MiExpert Limited

MiExpert leverages data analytics and AI to provide customized solutions for a stress-free journey. MiExpert offers comprehensive information and tools to streamline the immigration process and empower our users to achieve their goals.

Mochi icon

The existing social platforms don’t let people interact in the real world and encourage people to represent themselves virtually. We dive below the surface, we help you to initiate the first move by analysing your personality through dialogue and tests from our AI chatbot, after that we find you the creative activities with the right people at the right time. We cut through the noise in order to bring you the true self that shines and inspires shared experience with your tribe in the real world. That’s what makes Mochi different.

MusicHotPot icon

Data disassembly technology to avoid unauthorized piracy; encrypted IP ownership certification empowered by distributed computing smart contract; API allowing the content to be played at 3rd party digital content player.

Mytea icon

Mytea, the world’s first handmade tea vending machine, is about to serve tea lovers 24/7. According to retailer’s cost analysis, rent and wages are weighed heavily. As a result, Mytea is the solution to these two issues. By using Mytea, their revolutionary handmade tea vending machine, owners of beverage vendor can save large amount of rent and wages which leads to more competitive pricing, higher penetration rate, and 24/7 operating hours.

Nalfe icon

Nalfe is a marketing platform connecting businesses with like-minded influencers, by sponsoring authentic contents created by influencers

Newhi Protocol icon
Newhi Protocol

Newhi Protocol is the the first AI-powered DID engine in the world, focusing on generating social graph by leveraging our patented in-house developed AI algorithm analysing existing on-chain and off-chain data, and new customer gamefi behavior data.

Next Insurtech icon
Next Insurtech

Next Insurtech provides a General Insurance Sales Platform for the Asia-Pacific Markets with Distributed Ledger Technology to simplify the insurance application process.

NoteSity icon

An online bookstore of revision materials for primary and secondary school students. Visit our website to find quality reference books, revision notes, exercises and mock papers from your favourite authors and publishers!

NoteSity icon

A business organization based in Hong Kong, focusing on the development of biopharmaceuticals for obesity and related medical complications.

OhMyCourse icon

OhMyCourse is an online marketplace where users can browse a catalog of interest classes and get connected with course creators with one click.

ONEs Software icon
ONEs Software

ONEs Software was founded in 2019 by several technology lovers and experts. Our mission is to create an entirely different way of working style and convert the traditional office into a more visualized, efficient, and interactive smart workplace.

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Origin AI

OriginAI is a comprehensive platform that aims to revolutionize the digital landscape by leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver content and more to our users.

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Pandora Times

Pandora Times is a democratic news platform that has blockchain archival as well as a content creator patronage system.

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PayPhone is a multi-fiat-currency e-wallet which aims to give users full control of their funds & e-receipts using blockchain encrypted transactions and smart contracts.

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Peacify Sock

Peacify Sock is a healthcare wearable monitoring device for newborns that allows parents to view their babies’ vital signs in real-time.

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PhrmaSec Limited

PhrmaSec Limited is a Hong Kong University-based spin-off Biotech Company in pursuit of solutions for the clinical situations associated with G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) mediated hormonal dysregulation. Our aim is to develop a novel treatment for hypertension despite there are several classes of antihypertensive drugs available. Still, about 100 million people are estimated to be non-responsive to all the conventional therapies.

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Picko is a social recommendation platform to help consumers make confident purchase decisions from their friends’ suggestions and profit as a Key Opinion Consumer (KOC). We also provide one-stop service to help businesses launch, host and operate KOC programs powered by Open Banking solutions without upfront cost.

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PJA Dental

An R&D project with applied research in mind. We provide jaw motion tracking, develop design and manufacture patient-specific 3D.

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Since 2018, Planto has been on a mission to create data-driven and engaging financial technologies for institutions and end consumers alike

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PocTech Studio

PocTech Studio is a game developer which actively promoting the idea of gamifying e-commerce. As an initiative, we allow the gamer to obtain physical discounts in various merchants through the gaming experience.

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Portfoplus is an InsurTech platform connecting advisers and policyholders to manage all insurance needs in one place.

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Potta equips investors with NLP and big data to uncover investment opportunities. Our NLP-driven investment research platform leverages millions of live-streaming data, to empower retail investors to complete investment research, discover hidden links & information and transform ideas into strategies in a click – making smarter, faster, and better decisions.

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PrepRoot is building a parenting UGC platform, providing personalised monthly book subscription for children and knowledge service for parents. The company was co-founded by education experts & passionate mums from University of Hong Kong, University of Cambridge & Oxford, who believe in the life changing impact of reading.

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PriSec is an information security company committed to research and development of electronic identification (eID) solutions. We endeavour to provide first-class eID solutions to organizations and societies for meeting the challenges of the digital age.

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With our project PTApp, what we are proposing is a mobile platform that is specifically developed for the manufacturing sector, by using industrial internet of things technology to collect machine data, we are able to elevate manufacturing management above travel restrictions, allowing managers to remotely access real-time production reports and visualising factory shop floors. With PTApp, clients could adequately address the problems caused by inaccurate, incomplete reports that are delayed; effectively preventing machines from staying idle and creating wastage and thus improving profitability.

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QualiFly Education Limited

QualiFly is a pioneer AI learning platform catering for primary students that aims to optimise learning effectiveness and make learning enjoyable through AI personalisation systems and gamification.

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Quanta Diamond Technologies

Quanta Diamond Technologies trying to revolutionise the current educational and pedagogical tools used to teach quantum technologies (quantum computing, quantum communications and quantum sensing) at the undergraduate and secondary school level, to build the future workforce for this emerging multi-billion-dollar industry.

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RakoSell is a one-stop localised solution built for restaurants to build, manage and market their online shops within minutes. Unlike other ecommerce solutions, RakoSell caters to the complexity of F&B offerings and builds specific features for them.

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Relrt enables greater-china-focused brands to protect their assets and reputation with an AI crisis management tool that provides verified alerts about emerging risks in real-time. Our vision is to be the biggest, fastest and the most reliable tool that provides our users with the most accurate information across markets and languages. Relrt is not re-inventing breaking news. We are going even before, capturing the emerging signals, verifying them and delivering them before they become breaking news, saving mission critical time.

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ReUbird is your assistant for planning activities and celebrating special moments in life, ranging from gatherings with friends, family parties, company events to even your perfect dates.

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At Rev-Digi, we unleash the potential of generative A.I. to simplify software management regimes, streamlining business analysis, project / product management and application development processes with our powerful solution. We believe digitalization projects should be extensively inclusive of non-technical users in better requirement realization, producing desired I.T. solutions in a fingertip with our digital services instead of being overwhelmed by communications and inefficiencies. Go digital with digital.

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Risk Steward

We are an AI banker focusing on risk management for the general public. Our cutting-edge FinTech application provides an all-in-one pension management tool, that replicates the quantitative risk assessment used by investment banks and simplifies to everyone, including the glass root class.
This is an all-in-one platform. We consolidate portfolios across multiple trusts, analyze them with advanced risk modeling techniques and deliver results with suggestions in simple charts and tables. Users can re-allocate their MPF portfolios with a simple click.

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ROJU Limited

ROJU Limited is an all-in-one jump rope fitness app that offers personalised jump rope training programmes by jump rope world chamipions and experienced coaches, specific to its users’ abilities and fitness goals. ROJU App, acting as your pocket coach, provides efficient training programmes that help our users’ get into the sports, enjoy fun and effective workouts anytime, anywhere.

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Saint Novel

Saint Novel is an innovator in early drug discovery, enabled by high-performance omic analysis and protein-protein interaction (PPI) algorithms. With an aim to establish an in-house pipeline of > 5 drugs in the next five years, we strive to make more cures possible.

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Scancer Limited

Scancer Limited is an AI and data science startup. We specialize in deep learning and computer vision for medical imagery.


Schotar Company Limited is a mobile video-sharing social networking platform designed for academia. Every researcher can easily produce an accurate video synopsis of his/her work with our new video editing technology catered to scientists and share the video and collect feedback from the community.

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Seekr Technologies Limited is a compact wearable device aimed at being a companion to the elderly with visually impaired problems. It provides real-time, intuitive services that help them to live their lives independently.

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Senior Deli

Senior Deli is committed to developing products for people with dysphagia. Our products include food and drink thickener, food softener and pre-pack soft meals, giving them more choices in catering, helping them to eat safely, and maintaining a balanced diet.

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Senjoy Asia Limited

Senjoy Asia Limited provides pre-packed texture-modified food solutions for elderly people with chewing or swallowing difficulties in HK and the GBA. The pre-packed meals are developed according to the International Dysphagia Diet Standards Initiative (IDDSI) and also meet Carefood, a localised standard to be launched in Hong Kong.


SHARLO is an experience sharing platform, by utilizing AI deep learning technology, we can effectively pair Users and Sharers who come from similar backgrounds. Users will benefit from the past experiences of the Sharers when facing critical challenges, and obtain invaluable advice and insights from beyond their own social circle.

Skybotics Technology Limited

At Skybotics, we are committed to transforming the construction industry through the development of cutting-edge robotic technology. Our state-of-the-art robots are capable of navigating complex structures, such as skyscrapers and bridges, in order to gather crucial data, identify potential issues that can’t be seen by the human eye, and guide necessary follow-up actions.

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SkyTowner is a centralized platform for high-quality technical resources served with powerful search. The ultimate goal is for SkyTowner to be a gold mine of techical resources such that programmers will perform all their searches directly on the platform.

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SNAPP Robotics

We are redefining the way we explore our oceans, all in a SNAPP. We created a fast-swimming biomimetic robot fish that can explore the depths of the oceans, by providing unparalleled underwater mobility. SNAPP can take on any sensors; collecting data and providing insights on the underwater environment, empowering researchers and industries to leverage and create value in their operations. With SNAPP, the underwater world will be our oyster.

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Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible is a mobile and web based application designed to improve engagement with charitable organisations in Hong Kong, the platform will be sustained by providing corporate clients new marketing channels through the on app marketplace and through CSR charity program Marketing solutions.

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Soonlution provided a revolutionary solution that tackles Asia aquaculture problems.

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StudentBase offers personalized practice, crowdsourced notes and on-demand tutors to high school students.

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Studtors is a high-end tutoring platform targeting international examinations (IGCSE, IB , A-Levels). We revolutionize how tutoring is done through the use of technology and comprehensive academic support. Everyone can have access to quality tutoring at one tap away!

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SynHealer develops novel immunotherapy platform against cancers. We design and generate synthetic gene circuits to reprogram immune cells fight against cancers. Our core technology is based on A/Prof. Rio Sugimura’s lab from The University of Hong Kong and the Centre for Translational Stem Cell Biology.

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Tale is an A.I. presentation coach for users to practice presentation at any time and anywhere. Presentation skills establish a person’s credibility and impact. Designed to improve the presentation skills of our users, Tale assists users to tackle problems encountered when presenting and provide professional guidance, prepare them to deliver an organized presentation with skills and confidence.

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TalkTag is a low-cost NFC reader/writer designed for visually impaired persons (VIPs) to be used for audio reminders/identifying everyday objects. This has a wide variety of applications including assisting in the identification of sensitive personal items, especially those with similar shapes.

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Telos enables property owners to take matters into their own hands, save valuable time, engage in open discussion in a safe environment, and make informed decisions about all future projects.

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Tese is a marketplace platform that guides and enables SMEs to access cheaper financing for embarking on sustainable journeys.

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Theyta.com is creating a community, a tool, and a common language for data to be shared easily. We aim to become GitHub for data sharing, visualizing and analysis. Theyta sees an opportunity in non-data specialists and aims to fill the unmet demand.

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TravPholer provides travel gamification and location-based services for on-the-go discovery and treasure-hunting experience.

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UKEI is a revolutionary geo-networking app that matches roommates with roommates, tenants with landlords, with the aid of big data and psychology-backed AI analysis. Through trust-building, it aims to promote a co-living culture and sharing economy, ultimately lowering HK people’s demand for individual housing without sacrificing living standard.

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Unjumble is an AI web platform designed to perform daily accounting and bookkeeping tasks through the use of a chatbot. Unjumble provides higher flexibility and better accuracy than traditional accounting, without the limitations of human operations and repetiitve work.

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Unjumble is an AI web platform designed to perform daily accounting and bookkeeping tasks through the use of a chatbot. Unjumble provides higher flexibility and better accuracy than traditional accounting, without the limitations of human operations and repetiitve work.

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Vera Technology Company Limited

Aims to develop technologies to assist the delivery of speech therapy services. Our current project is to develop a mobile application powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data that provides accurate and immediate diagnosis and interactive treatment of speech sound disorders among Cantonese-speaking children in Hong Kong.

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Virizion is a legendary Grass & Fighting Pokémon. We hope our team could be the “Pokémon” fighting with virus which threaten human life and society. Based on the unique Expanded Potential Stem Cell system, our key technology platform provides promising strategy to produce cell products and drug candidates for anti-viral research, vaccine development and healthy food industry.

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Vispek develops state of the art low cost spectral sensor that can be used in variety of industrial and consumer settings. Providing on the side spectral data analyses full stacked solution.

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Vivacity by Friday Company is a AI-powered prop-tech solution for underutilised communal spaces.

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Wealthskey provides immigration services and innovative application developments.

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Weava is a research productivity tool for students to highlight and organize online articles & PDFs for academic research.

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WeDerm Limited

WeDerm Limited is a social enterprise dedicated to treating eczema patients through lifestyle medicine. Our integrated care approach is designed to address root causes for a sustainable lifelong recovery based on healthcare research and real world evidence.

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Wepp Solutions Limited

Wepp Solutions Limited is a high calibre team of diversified professionals on web applications and IT solutions. Our services include CMS (Drupal and Joomla), e-commerce (Salesforce and Magento), and business solutions. Furthermore, Wepp Solutions is an authorized SSL certificate reseller, AWS registered partner and government procurement supplier.

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Xtedn Innovation Technology Limited

Xtedn Innovation Technology Limited aspires to Expressly Extend Innovative Technologies of The Advanced Technology Institute of The University of Hong Kong to the Farthest parts of the Earth for People in Need. The first product they are going to commercialize is a “Disinfection Robots” (Patent Application No. 63/270,246).

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XTYLE initiates an AI styling matching solution, for Millenials and fashion retails, to improve people’s styling experience, reduce clothing waste, and drive sales for businesses.