Executive Group

Prof. Max Shen

Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Chair Professor
in Logistics and Supply

Prof. Anderson Shum

Deputy Chairman

Associate Vice-President
(Research and Innovation)

Tel: 3917 7904

Mr. Paul Wang


Techno-Entrepreneurship Core

Tel: 3910 2728

Working Group

The TEC Working Group includes Executive Group members, as well as representatives from faculties and I&E related offices across HKU’s innovation ecosystem.

Ir. Dr. Alfred Tan

Deputy Director
Technology Transfer Office

Tel: 3910 2453

Dr. Chun Kit Chui

Director of Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing
Faculty of Engineering

Tel: 2857 8452

Prof. Douglas Arner

Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate)
Faculty of Law

Tel: 3917 2923

Dr. Henry Ma

Assistant Director
Institute for China Business

Tel: 2975 5746

Prof. James Tsoi

Assistant Dean (Innovation)

HKU Faculty of Dentistry

Tel: 2859 0515

Mr. Joseph Chan

Associate Director

Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values

Tel: 3917 1016

Ms. Kate Lam


Careers and Placement

Tel: 3917 0182

Ms. Monica Wong


Alumni Affairs

Tel: 3917 1707

Mr. Pierre Wang

Assistant Director

Technology Transfer Office (Business Development)

Tel: 3917 3155

Ms. Sara Lo

Acting Chief Operating Officer

HKU Innovation Holdings Limited

Dr. Tiffany Ying

Assistant Director

Knowledge Exchange Office

TEC Team

Ms. Yahsin Shen

Senior Manager

Techno-Entrepreneurship Core

Tel: 3910 2724


Mr. Patrick Chen

Senior Manager

Techno-Entrepreneurship Core

Tel: 3910 2243


Ms. Laura Yu

Senior Manager

Techno-Entrepreneurship Core

Tel: 3917 3194


Ms. Victoria Tian


Life Science Lead

Tel: 3910 2725


Mr. Tim Cheung

Project Officer
Student Engagement

Tel: 3910 2726