Entrepreneurship Core

HKU’s Entrepreneurship Resource Hub

Techno-Entrepreneurship Core (TEC) is the coordinating office to synergise and enhance HKU’s efforts in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship to build a vibrant ecosystem.

TEC aims to support the University to innovate the future and fuel the economy, both locally and internationally, with our great talents and discoveries.

Our Visions

We believe, HKU has immense potential for creating interdisciplinary teamwork, technology ventures, and industrial collaboration. TEC is therefore created for making it happen with five essential functions:

  • Coordinate: coordinate and consolidate existing activities
  • Educate: train students of all disciplines & enhance learning experiences
  • Support: support start-ups in commercialising research advances
  • Connect: connect talents from different aspects
  • Liaise: Liaise with external partners on I&E collaborations



  • To drive HKU’s entrepreneurship plans and effort moving forward
  • To consolidate related resources on campus and act as a focal point for students, professors and external partners
  • To coordinate or organize activities for encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, educating entrepreneurial mindset, and nurturing tech ventures out of research outputs
  • And, to play an important role in connecting with the industry and global entrepreneurship ecosystem