Academic Programmes & Courses

HKU currently offers 1 major programme, 1 minor programme and 1 summer programme for undergraduate students;

1 postgraduate programme, and around 30 undergraduate courses in innovation and entrepreneurship (open to students from all faculties).

Undergraduates I&E
Programmes / Courses

Postgraduates I&E
Programmes / Courses


Undergraduates I&E Programmes / Courses

Major in Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation (EDI)


  • Put students in a creative entrepreneur mindset with the combined quantitative and qualitative mentality, backed by financial and economic industrial knowledge​
  • Guided by our academic and industry leaders tutors, through a combination of cross-disciplinary teaching and experiential learning programme that resembles executive innovation and entrepreneurship education

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Minor in Science Entrepreneurship

  • Focuses on integrating different mindsets and skillsets of students​
  • Students can immediately practice what they have learned in the classroom with substantial external resources in support

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Summer Programme – Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in China

  • Provides students with a comprehensive study of economics, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the context of business practices in the GBA region​
  • Focuses on the importance of innovation in promoting economic development in China, and the economic rationales of entrepreneurial activities related to innovationLearn mre >>
Undergraduates I&E Courses

HKU currently has around 30 UG courses in innovation and entrepreneurship. Many of these courses are offered by specific minor or major programmes in entrepreneurship. In addition, several of other programmes also provide related courses including Major in Financial Technology, Major in Design +, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Social Work, etc.

I&E Courses for Postgraduates

Master of Science in Engineering (Innovative Design and Technology)


The aim of the MSc(Eng)(IDT) programme is to prepare students for the fast-changing world in which innovative design and technology are the driving force of the future. Through this programme, students will acquire essential knowledge and practical skills for developing novel solutions, services or products to help further promote Hong Kong’s development in innovation and technology.

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Master of Science in Financial Technology and Data Analytics


The Master of Science in Financial Technology and Data Analytics programme aims to prepare students for a career in the ever-changing world of FinTech. It has an interdisciplinary curriculum by drawing on the expertise from diverse areas of engineering, business, law and statistics, with a technology focus. Through the courses, students will gain essential knowledge and FinTech skills necessary for navigating the changing landscape of the finance industry. Besides a strong understanding of finance and technology, students will also have a well-balanced critical awareness of ethnical and regulatory constraints and knowledge of the hottest industry trends.

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Other Learning Resources

Entrepreneurship Academy Online Resources by idendron

Entrepreneurship Academy is a 10-week training to enhance your entrepreneurial skills. We invite speakers from the industry including venture capitalists, startup founders and domain experts to share the experience on the globe trends, heated topics and strategies for market development. It is also a great opportunity to interact with like-minded people and get to know the resources available at HKU and the wider startup ecosystem in HK.

The Law, Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab) by Faculty of Law

The Law, Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship Lab (LITE Lab) at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) was presented with the 2022 Legal Innovation in Operations (LIO) Projects award by the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC). This is the first time a university programme and an Asia-Pacific initiative has been named a winner of the global CLOC LIO Project Awards. Attended by around 2,500 legal service professionals, the award ceremony took place at the GLOC Global Institute 2022 in Las Vegas.

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Innovation Academy by Faculty of Engineering

HKU Faculty of Engineering is committed to fostering contemporary engineering education for students to contribute to the industry and addressing the changing needs of the community. In keeping with this commitment, the Faculty is launching an “Innovation Academy” to provide every student with the opportunities and intellectual inspiration to innovate and pursue their engineering passion. The Innovation Academy is a hub for attracting and cultivating new generation of talents, not only scholars and researchers, but also industry leaders and influencers. It works like an accelerator for inspiration and implementation.

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Entrepreneurship Seminar Series by Faculty of Science

One of the key reasons leading to the failure of most of the startups from universities in Hong Kong is the lack of entrepreneurial skillset and mindset. Graduates, especially those from MSc and PhD, form startups with their technologies but without much knowledge of market situation, customers’ needs/preferences, and most importantly, a well-structured founding team. This minor programme in Science Entrepreneurship is to fill this gap for students.

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The Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing One & Two

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing One offers an inspiring and collaborative environment for undergraduate students and academic staff in Engineering and Technology, fostering interdisciplinary innovations. Within this vibrant space, students have the unique opportunity to bring their ideas to life and collaborate with peers who share their passions. More than an academic makerspace, Innovation Wing One serves as a hub of advanced technologies that shape the future. Equipped with state-of-the-art prototyping facilities and a diverse range of engineering equipment, it provides students with the tools they need to explore innovative solutions. From smart technology for better living to cutting-edge materials, aviation advancements, and breakthroughs in healthcare technology, Innovation Wing One connects students with the forefront of technological advancements.

Engagement within Innovation Wing One goes beyond the classroom. It serves as a hub of activity, hosting a variety of engaging events and activities. Students can participate in inspiring seminars, present their ideas in pitching events, and gain hands-on experience through specialized training workshops. The construction of Innovation Wing One was successfully completed in 2020, marking a significant milestone for the Faculty. Since its opening in December of the same year, it has become an iconic landmark filled with energy and innovation. Students can now fully utilize this remarkable facility, engaging in a multitude of vibrant activities that foster creativity, collaboration, and technological innovation.

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two serves as an enabling platform for Engineering researchers to interact and collaborate synergistically with researchers and professionals across various disciplines to tackle grand challenges and deliver research outputs with significant impact to Hong Kong and global communities, and at the same time to share the Faculty’s latest research achievements/findings/outputs with the large HKU and Hong Kong communities.

Innovation Wing Two equips a multipurpose event area with large LED walls and comprehensive AV facilities, offering an ample space for researchers to host seminars, discussion panels, exhibitions and press conferences, promoting their research achievements, including the InnoHK projects, to the HKU community and the general public.

The current exhibition with the theme of “Digitization” consists of thirteen cutting-edge engineering research projects led by the Engineering Professors. These projects addressed both local and global situations relevant to the theme. From videos to displays, visitors are expected to equip with knowledge of the rationales underlying these projects and their methodologies to achieve the goal. Further through interactive prototypes and functional exhibits, visitors will get even more in-depth knowledge about how these research ideas have been translated into reality. Through regular TechTalks on diversified technological topics, Engineering researchers share their insights with a wide range of audience from the HKU community and the general public, including secondary school teachers and students.


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Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values

The Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values (CASEBV) is set up in 2005 by The University of Hong Kong to promote the teaching of intellectual capital development in entrepreneurship and business values in Hong Kong, China, and the Asia-Pacific region. We are developing publications, MBA and executive courses, resource materials, and Asian business cases. We expect to launch a full website shortly.

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