Company Registry

Contact Ms. Christine Wong at or 6091 3597.

Account & Audit

Please contact Ms. Cherry Sze at or 3956 3112.

Please contact Ms. Mandy at or 6857 2231.

Please contact Ms. Winky Kan at or 2289 2663.

Banking Services

Please contact iDendron service hotline at 3982 7819 or 2982 7863

Please contact Vernie Tam at 2198 3426 or

Legal, IP and
Patent Services

Please contact Mr. Steven Fung at or 2386 8223.

Please contact Ms. Amy Chan at or 2191 1118.


Please contact

Co-working Space Services


Please contact Mr. Kasper Kong at or 9662 9758.


  • The information below serves as a reference for TEC community who looking for related services, it is solely up to the decision of each team to decide whether they should approach the service providers, or purchase specific services from them. TEC is not in the position to recommend any team to purchase any of the services.
  • The prices listed are for reference only, the team is recommended to contact the service provider directly for the details before purchasing any services.
  • The packages offered are exclusive for TEC Community, please do not share with others.