Using HKU technology?

As a general rule, HKU owns inventions made by its employees while acting within the scope of their employment or using more than incidental HKU resources. HKU’s IPRs policy can be found here.

Using HKU resources?

Proper arrangement is needed when a startup wishes to use HKU resources for startup related activities. For instance, University’s Overhead Charging Policy can be found here.

Receiving equity?

A full-time HKU staff who is the inventor and wishes to receive equity of the startup shall obtain HKU’s approval based on the principle of “no conflict of interest.” HKU’s guideline on the declaration of interests can be found here.

Holding salaried employment?

A full-time HKU staff who wishes to participate in the business of a startup shall follow same declaration of interests guideline as above; he/she will also be subject to HKU’s outside practice regulations which can be found here

Taking up management role?

A full-time HKU staff may take up management role of a startup by applying to HKU for the leave of absence or fractional appointment.

Undertaking services?

If a startup wishes to engage an HKU staff in undertaking a service and the HKU staff is its shareholder, the HKU staff shall follow same declaration of interests guideline as above.