HKU I&E Student Organisations

Innovation and entrepreneurship student organizations are an essential component of the university’s efforts to promote entrepreneurial thinking and action. Students can gain valuable entrepreneurial experience, access mentorship and internship opportunities, and connect with a network of peers who share their passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Innovation & Technology Groups

AI Society
  • Activities

Career Talks and Networking Events

Regular career talks with professionals, including HKU alumni, attending and teaching to share their experiences in the AI industry and the latest AI trends. Provide each year group with a different focus to raise awareness of opportunities for internships, employment or further exploration to grow your career trajectory.

Opportunity-sharing Platform

Allows students to find possible internship opportunities or to learn from each other by sharing their experiences and connecting with professionals.

Study Group

Create meaningful connections and collaborations between AI students through midterm and final group revision online or offline.

Blockchain Club
  • About Us

The first university blockchain club in Hong Kong .We specialize in educating the community by researching different use cases of blockchain technology, facilitating innovative projects and discussion, providing industry experience to members, building out prototypes, and integrating solutions regarding uses of blockchain. We seeks to provide forums where blockchain-related ideas, projects, programs, events, and businesses can be studied, discussed, and developed. Through club activities, we seek to increase awareness and use of blockchain within and beyond the HKU community.

FinTech Society
  • Activities


Regular workshops throughout the year, attended and taught by industry experts, on topics ranging from social finance to blockchain and data mining, available to all our members, which we intend to foster and instill in them an insatiable curiosity and attractive employability skill set.


Allow teams of 2-5 from all over Hong Kong to present their creative ideas intended to innovate and improve financial service by utilizing technology, to judges currently employed in leading FinTech firms. The competition aims to fulfill the gap between market needs and real solutions and will offer participants cash prizes, internship and mentoring opportunities.

Startup Fair

Create meaningful connections and collaborations between FinTech startups a the pool of talent via education and awareness to help young professionals discover and explore new opportunities in FinTech.

Machine Learning Society
  • Activities

While projects do form the core of the society, they will hold little value without the complementing events that help prop them up. Be it talks from academic and industry experts or weekends where anyone can hack and work on ideas, the society is going to host multiple events to unravel some mysteries of the field. With interactive events like ‘Show and Tell’, members get to share their project progress and also talk about what they learnt in the process. The society aims to host events that are interactive, engaging and hands-on.

Student Entrepreneurship Groups

Entrepreneur Society
  • About Us

The Entrepreneur Society is a student-led, non-profit committee that aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among the HKU community. We create a platform for ideas to be shared, developed and realized with cross-faculty collaboration as our bedrock. Through hosting interactive activities that encourage early-stage ideation to workshops that validate business ideas, we aim to provide innovative solutions to societal problems.

Hackathon Society
  • Activities

We plan to organize an Annual proprietary Hackathon(HackFest) which will not just be limited to HKU students but students from other universities as well. The main purpose behind this is to promote cross-discipline collaboration and give our students a platform to connect with like-minded individuals. This would promote creativity and curiosity among our students which will help them take the initiative to start their own projects. We will also have workshops to prepare the potential participants for the hackathon.

Other Student Groups

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Volunteer Overseas

Experience a new culture and meet like-minded individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, while contributing to the sustainable development goals.

Intern Overseas

Broaden your horizons, challenge yourself and develop a competitive edge in your career by working in a global environment.

Be a Member of AIESEC

Be a driver of this youth leadership movement by joining aiesec in hku and facilitating our entity operations.

Women in Finance
  • Activities

Career Talks and Networking Events

Invite female leaders in the industry to share their experiences and guide students through their application process. We aim to raise awareness of opportunities available in different fields of finance and build mutually beneficial connections; thus assisting our members achieve growth in their career trajectory.

Discussion Forums

Foster awareness about financial markets and the economy through discussions taking place within the forum. We seek to prepare our members for deploying rational, reasoned arguments with compelling evidence through the activity.

Skill Enhancement Workshops

Create a platform that would help our members enhance their technical and soft skills through skill development workshops such as Financial Modelling, Simulation Trading, CV and Cover Letter enhancement among other things.