Entrepreneurial Top Talent Meetup

On February 23, 2024, the University of Hong Kong Techno-Entrepreneurship Core, Hong Kong Top Talent Services Association, and Hong Kong X jointly organized an event called “Entrepreneurial Top Talent Meetup”  The event specially invited Mr. Hailong Shang, Prof. Anderson Shum, and Prof. Guanhua Chen as VIP guests.
Over 200 outstanding high talents registered for the event, and after several rounds of selection, 21 well-known professors from the University of Hong Kong and 60 high-talent members attended, with a total of over 140 participants.
The event featured a gathering of high talents and professor teams, with a matchmaking activity consisting of professor project roadshows and high-talent introductions in two areas: AI and biomedicine  The event was lively, with applause and cheers throughout