MedTech Co-innovation Conference and Hackathon

Program overview


Organized by HKU TEC, HKSTP and HKU BJ Center, as well as sponsored by various industry partners, the HKU MedTech Co-innovation Conference and Hackathon aims to provide an exceptional platform for research teams to:

  • Recruit talents and professionals with diverse expertise.
  • Connect and engage in in-depth discussion with industry partners for collaborations, featuring the high-caliber Med Tech Co-Innovation Conference.
  • Gain exposure to various investors, fundings and incubations programs.


To foster the ongoing conversations with industry and facilitate implementation of the projects, the program is followed up with 1-on-1 coaching by industry experts and concludes with a competition and exhibition.

Please contact Ms. Victoria Tian, Manager at 3910 2725 or for more details.





  • A team of at least TWO persons, with the Person-in-Charge being an HKU researcher (staff member)

Prizes and Follow-up Support


MedTech Co-innovation Conference

MedTech Show


About HKU Beijing Center


The HKU Beijing Center kicked off its opening ceremony on April 9, 2021. It is located at the new landmark on the central axis of Beijing-the Asian Finance Center at the headquarters of the AIIB.


Adhering to the purpose of [based on Beijing, connecting Hong Kong, and embracing the world], the HKU Beijing Center is committed to strengthening the cooperation and interchanges between Hong Kong and Mainland China in academic research and industry practice, and actively providing international education services and lifelong learning services for all kinds of talents. The establishment of the HKU Beijing Center can help to expand academic activities, strengthen cooperation with universities and companies located in mainland China, conduct forums and seminars on various topics, and support the research and teaching activities of various colleges and departments of the university; To become a gathering place for alumni and talents.


We hope that the unique positioning of the integration of eastern and western culture, the internationally renowned research strength, the world’s top academic competence and industry partner network can make the HKU Beijing Center a place for the cultivation and gathering of high-end talents, an important promoter of basic scientific research and innovation, and an important linker of academic and cultural exchanges with China and the world.