Gear Up Graduation Ceremony, Startup Showcase & HKU Demo Day 2024 Round 2

Gear Up Graduation Ceremony, Startup Showcase & HKU Demo Day

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Gear Up Graduation Ceremony, Startup Showcase, and HKU Demo Day


The Gear Up Graduation Ceremony, Startup Showcase, and HKU Demo Day will be held on June 27, 2024 (Thursday) at 2pm in Lecture Hall II of the Centennial Campus at the University of Hong Kong.  
The aim of the “Gear Up HKU Startup Seed Fund Incubation Programme” is to provide entrepreneurial support, incubation services, and capital assistance to young people, helping them realize their entrepreneurial dreams. The Gear Up Graduation Ceremony is a significant milestone for our start-up teams, symbolizing their hard work, dedication, and innovative contributions. The graduating start-up teams have a solid research foundation and cover a wide range of areas, including marine biotechnology, robotics, healthcare services, silver age products, and quality education platforms.   
Following the Graduation Ceremony, the HKU Demo Day will commence at the nearby venue. The Demo Day event features two parallel tracks: Advanced Tech and Healthcare, where startups will pitch their business plan and latest progress, for VC investors providing their valuable feedbacks. Join us in witnessing the future of Advanced Technology and Healthcare and in supporting these promising startups on their path to success.  
We cordially invite you to be part of this special occasion, where you can witness these startup teams as they embark on new milestones.


Date: June 27, 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location: Centennial Campus, the University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam;

Gear Up Graduation Ceremony and Startup Showcase: Lecture Hall II, CPD-LG 08-09

Advanced Tech Demo Day: CPD-LG 18

Health Tech Demo Day; CPD-LG 34





Tentative Rundown



Check-In & Registration Networking & Explore Startup Showcase 


Opening Address by HKU  


Speech by Guests of Honor 

  • Mr Shang Hailong – Legislative Councilor, HKSAR 
  • Representative from the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau  
  • Mr Jason Chiu, HKU Council Member, Founder and CEO,  Cherrypicks Limited 



Gear UP Graduation Certificates Awarding to 14 teams by the Guests of Honor  


Speech by Gear UP Startup Representative – Mr Cameron van Breda, Hollo Limited 


Recognition of Gear UP Mentors and Trainers  


Entrepreneurial Internship Program Graduate Certificate Presentation  


Concluding Remarks and Announcement of the HKU Demo Day commencement 


Networking Drinks & HKU Demo Day Commences


End of Event 





Ageing-Emulated Biosystem for Precision Anti-Ageing Management


This project utilizes proprietary stem cell technology to develop an aging-emulated biosystem for anti-aging research. They aim to launch anti-aging products, a precision health management system, and customized solutions for unmet clinical needs and healthy longevity.


Person in Charge: Prof. Pengtao Liu

Senovac Biotech Limited


SenoVac Biotech aims to fight age-associated diseases by developing strategies to eliminate senescent cells and prevent aging disorders through seno-antigens-mediated immune-therapy. Products include antibody drugs, CAR-T/NK cell therapies, and vaccines targeting obesity and other age-related conditions.


Person in Charge: Prof. Zhongjun Zhou

Bone’s Technology Limited


Our project aims to address the burden of bone fractures through innovative solutions. We are developing a machine learning-based diagnostic system for precise fracture risk assessments, set to launch in 2027. Additionally, our non-invasive treatment offerings, including a high-strength injectable hydrogel and robotic-injection system, are scheduled for a 2028 launch. These advancements will revolutionize fracture prevention and treatment, benefiting patients and reducing the strain on the medical industry.


Person in Charge: Prof. William Lu

Panacea: An AI Driven Bone Tumor Solution


This project develops an AI-powered solution for bone tumor diagnosis and treatment. It includes a bone tumor data database, AI diagnostic system, surgical planning system, and online follow-up care.


Person in Charge: Porf. Jason Cheung

mskalign® SOLUTION: A Large AI-driven Systematic Analysis and Treatment for MSK Disorder


This project develops an AI-driven solution for analyzing and treating musculoskeletal disorders (MSK). They have commercialized mskalign® Wukong and miniPACS for in-hospital analysis.


Person in Charge: Prof. Grace Zhang

Navigation system for surgery


This project aims to develop a near-infrared imaging system for real-time surgical visualization of tumors using fluorescent dyes. They will commercialize the technology, selling imaging systems and probes to Chinese hospitals, and licensing clinical trials to foreign partners


Person in Charge: Prof. Dai Hongjie

Advanced Tech

Robotic Multicooker


This project involves developing Hestia v5 and Hestia Mini, new generation robotic chefs for restaurants. Hestia v5 is an upgraded version of Hestia v4, while Hestia Mini is a compact tabletop chef.


Person in Charge: Prof. Guanhua Chen

Wearable Robots for Elderly Assistance


This project aims to commercialize wearable robots for elderly assistance, focusing on ankle, knee, hip, elbow, and hand devices using artificial muscles and strength sensors. Key aspects include user testing, regulatory compliance, and manufacturing processes.


Person in Charge: Prof. Ning Xi



This project develops an innovative spectral sensor with wide wavelength coverage, small size, and AI-assisted analysis for healthcare applications. The sensor powers a portable device for health monitoring and disease detection.


Person in Charge: Dr. Liu Wei/Prof. CM CHE

AI-driven Real-time On-site eDNA Surveillance for Environmental and Public Health


This project develops an AI-driven Automatic On-site eDNA Sequencer for proactive environmental management and public health decision-making. It integrates auto-sampling, DNA extraction, nanomaterial-based sequencing, and AI analytics. Collaboration with MGI is underway.


Person in Charge: Prof. Zhang Tong

DPmat: AI for Materials


Building an AI native platform to develop new materials with a focus on lightweight and high entropy, ferroelectric electronics, and solid state batteries more efficiently. 


Person in Charge: Prof. Srolovitz



HKUIT focuses on the development and commercialization of AI technologies like video analytics, LLM, and AI generation. They have a wide range of customers, including government departments, enterprises, and NGOs, and have received numerous local and international recognitions.


Person in Charge: Dr. Wilton Fok