Prof. John Cai​
CHIPSeed Mentor​​
CHIP Founder​​
Q50 Founding President​​
Shanghai CHIPA Chairman​
Prof. Chengli Song​
CHIPSeed Mentor​
University of Shanghai for
Science and Technology ​
Department of Health Science and Engineering, Professor ​
Stanley Lau​
CHIPSeed Mentor​
Q50 Mentor​
TiLigh Bioscience Founder and CEO​
Peter Wu​
CHIPSeed Mentor​
Q50 Mentor​
Sinovation Ventures, Partner​ 
Xuan Zhou​
CHIPSeed Mentor​
Q50 Mentor​
Sinopharm Capital, Partner​
Qiang Li​
CHIPSeed Mentor​
Guangzhou JiuTaiCro CEO​
Dr. Xiaoyang Zhao​
CHIPSeed Mentor​
GTJA Investment Group Executive Partner​
Yonghua Gao​
CHIPSeed Mentor​
Global Law Office​
Dr. Angie Zhang​
CHIPSeed Founder​
Q50 Founder​
Shanghai CHIPA Innovation Director​

More mentors will be announced soon.